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I'm new to buying from China, where do I start?

So, you want to buy items from sellers in China?

Let me explain some core concepts to you to get you started. At the bottom you'll find follow-up questions for further (but still concise) reading.

  1. First you need to find items you want to buy. The best place to start looking around is RA-TOP, a page for sales charts.
  2. For the item to get from China to your home country you will have to choose a shopping agent. From now on everything will go through them.
  3. Open an account with the agent and buy the item through the agent website.
  4. Have the agent ship it to you.

That's it. It's really not that hard, especially if you stick to the trusted combination Taobao/Weidian + shopping agent. The risks are low and it's always these same steps.

This is a very rough outline under the assumption you want to have it as easy and risk-free as possible.


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