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How can I interpret a taobao store's rating?

Interpreting Taobao's primary rating system for stores is quite simple, all you need is our simple visual guide below.

Taobao Store Rating slim

This shows you there are 4 tiers, from bad to good: heart, diamond, crown, golden crown. Each of these categories has 5 subdivisions, symbolized by a count of 1 to 5 of the symbol, the more symbols the better.

For instance, 4 diamonds are better than 1 diamond. But 1 diamond is still better than 5 hearts.

What rating a seller gets depends on a point system, awarded for customer reviews in 3 categories: service, description, logistics. A positive review increases the score, a negative review does the opposite.

Wegobuy recognizes the importance of this rating system and how well it works. It will warn you that it's risky to order if the store you want to order from only has hearts.

Since you can't leave Taobao reviews after an agent purchase we have to rely on local Taobao shoppers to leave reviews and keep the ratings accurate.

The rating is a useful indicator to not only judge how good a seller is but also how long they've been around.


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