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What's your experience with TransferWise?

I've been using TransferWise since before I founded RepArchive in 2017. I used it to both send and receive money.

At this point, I probably sent/paid over $100,000 through TransferWise.

I also got their debit card, which I used local ATMs in 3 foreign countries to withdraw cash in their local currency, which always worked. Just make sure the ATM allows you to withdraw in their local currency, only then it will be Wise doing the exchange.

My experience, both with paying out the money to my private bank account, as well as using Wise as a payment service has been very positive.

I can't tell you exactly how much money Wise saved me, but I'm sure it's over $10,000. And while doing that, it made my life more convenient, instead of paying with my time I saved time and money.

We have been TransferWise partners since 2020, but I promoted them before that. This is my honest opinion. They're trustworthy and quick. If you want to try it out, sign up on TransferWise through our affiliate link.


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