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All the information is provided to you in one single chat window, whether you are looking for answers regarding Taobao, Weidian, AliExpress, shopping agents or the international shipping process, customs declaration and more.
No matter how you word the question, our Chatbot utilizes Azure’s market leading natural language understanding to give you the right answer.

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Knowledge base with the deepest knowledge

TaoBot was created with one idea in mind: Creating an easy way to access all the knowledge collected over 4 years of experience, hundreds of guides, thousands of beginners’ questions, video tutorials, and everything we learned talking to sellers, agents, and manufacturers.


An answer to all questions

Our success is measured by one simple metric: Can we answer every single question?
To improve our results, we utilize machine learning and manual review of your questions. A question only has to be asked once to be important enough to be answered and added.

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From the founder of RepArchive.com

RepArchive was created in 2017 to provide an organized way to browse items from Taobao. It’s always been a technology leader, prevailing against multiple replicas by always being one step ahead.

Over the years RepArchive expanded to include guides and blog posts, the idea was to combine everything regarding rep shopping on one single website. TaoBot.io takes this to the next level: Instead of one website it’s now one single chat window.

Our biggest pride is our reputation and the trust we’ve built. We’ve always been above free sneakers and paid reviews, instead building everything on the foundation of trust, transparency, and equal inclusion, instead of siding with one agent or seller. And time has shown we were right.

In a public survey we’ve been described by a majority as “the top experts in the scene”, a “leading technical innovator”, praised for our well researched, trustworthy content and responsible monetization.

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Discord Bot - Coming soon (currently in closed beta)

Discord mods, you will soon be able to natively deploy our bot in your discord servers, completely handling the #help channel for you.

This means you can focus on your content and pleasant interaction with your fans and don’t have to answer the same repetitive questions all the time. It will also greatly expand the knowledge you can provide to your community.