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A Bot to Answer All Your Questions about Taobao, Weidian and Shopping from China


This is a overview over the planned features that are coming to Taobot.

[chat] or [kb] indicates whether that feature will be coming to the chat or the knowledge base or both.


  • Conversation memory, taking older messages into account for natural conversations [chat]
  • chat-gpt style procedural generation (streaming) [chat]

Coming soon

  • Up to date, best shipping services from the RepArchive Shipping Calculator [kb/chat]
  • RepArchive Sellers [chat]
  • RepLadies Wiki [chat]
  • The best YouTube Guides [chat]
  • Best Reddit Guides [chat]
  • RepArchive Blog Posts [chat]

Further out

Other updates

Of course we are always working on the knowledge base and consequently the chatbot. That's why it's important that everyone uses the feedback functions.

So even if the road map says that the best reddit guides will be accessible only through ChatGPT, if we find something interesting, that's not in the knowledge base already, it will be added of course.

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