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A Bot to Answer All Your Questions about Taobao, Weidian and Shopping from China

Discord Bot

Taobot is also available as a discord bot. It's the exact same chat bot as on the web, just accessed through a different medium


Let our bot take care of your discord members' questions. Taobot is capable of answering frequent and advanced questions. He never gets bored, he never sleeps.

The best part: Taobot is free for you. We pay the bills and we do the training. You have nothing to worry about.

Getting Started

Getting the bot on your server and using it couldn't be easier!

  1. Invite the bot (invite link)
  2. Talk to the bot by using /taobot and entering your query
  3. Everything else is in the cloud. You don't have to worry about updates

What's in it for us?

You might be asking: Why are you offering an expensive model for free, what's in it for you?

Of course there's a chance taobot convinces you to use the shipping calculator or one of our services, or use one of our affiliate links. But that's not where we see the potential. For one, it could be a great promotion. But most importantly, discord makes it super easy to react and give feedback, which helps us to quickly identify where we can improve.

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