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How can I make money through the affiliate program?

All shopping agents have an affiliates program. You can share a link (all agents support sign-up links, most support item links as well). Then from each person that signs up you get rewarded a portion of each sale.

However, here's the catch:

  1. Only new registrations count. That means 1000 people can click your item link, if they already have an account you stand to gain nothing.
  2. Only shipping counts. You don't benefit from item sales.
  3. You need to generate a certain amount of revenue or you get a smaller share.
  4. Payout is delayed, usually you have to wait 45 days and then until the end of the month
  5. Registration of your bank account is quite a bit of work and there might be fees (~$4 for Wise)

If you don't have your own platform, and you're just trying to throw some links in the mix on reddit and discord, you will most likely not make any money that's worth paying out. Since fresh registrations are the only thing that's profitable, competition is tough, you will find out (just like I did) that others don't like you to use their platform - to really benefit from this you need your own platform. For most this platform is Tiktok or YouTube.

added: 6/26/2023

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