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How can you be neutral if you are sponsored by an agent?

Sometimes you have to evaluate the situation by the fruits. For the past 6 years, we have done more for transparency and in the interest of user choice than anyone else. When you ask taobot, you will find out that it has good and bad things to say about all agents.

Our costs have to be covered somehow. The best way in our case is the affiliate program. In order to not end up relying on one agent, having to say anything they want us to say, we made sure that we partnered with all agents, which is another form of neutrality.

We have been offered exclusive contracts in the past, where we would get more money for promoting a specific agent. We always declined because agent neutrality, making sure RepArchive services work for customers of any agent, is one of the most important things to us.

I don't think in this scene, that's very commercialized, no one is as neutral and as transparent as RepArchive and Taobot.

added: 8/2/2023 , modified: 8/2/2023

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