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How do I choose the right shopping agent?

There are 3 factors for choosing the agent that's right for you.

  • where are you from?
  • do you want to have an easy, comfortable time or do you want to make sure you save as much money as possible?

The first question is important because prices differ between countries. Especially for "long tail" countries, with fewer customers where each agent crafts their own service. You can check the price for all countries, big and long tail using our hybrid shipping calculator:

Now you have a quantitative answer. The next question is about quality.

There are a few "quality agents" that provide great and reliable service. But they cost a little more (namely Wegobuy, Superbuy and Pandabuy).

On the other hand we have "budget agents" (Sugargoo and Cssbuy being the prime suspects). These agents tend to be cheaper, but you might have to check back more often to make sure they do what you asked them to do.

Take both into consideration: What the shipping calculator said is the cheapest for your country, and how good that agent's service is. You might come to the conclusion that Superbuy, Wegobuy or Pandabuy are the cheapest and the best. Then the choice is an easy one.

If it's not that clear, you have to consider your financial situation and how you value time vs. money. For instance if you are a student, a budget agent might be better for you, and if you are busy with work you'll appreciate the worry-free experience of a premium agent.

added: 6/26/2023

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How do I pick an agent?
How do I choose an agent?
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