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What does the international brand tag mean on Pandabuy?

When Pandabuy tags an item as "international brand" shipping options are restricted. You can only ship with shipping lines that allow international those international brands. The same goes for Superbuy and Wegobuy.

If you're wondering what brands are allowed, we have a special filter for that in the RepArchive shipping calculator: link.

Pandabuy doesn't do this to make your life more difficult. Some shipping services are stricter than others when it comes to brand names, so if they think that it's very obvious to the average person, that this is a major brand, they will assign this tag for your protection.

Of course people will argue that it's overkill and they should let them ship what they want, but that's just not how it is.

added: 7/9/2023 , modified: 7/9/2023

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