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What fees does my agent charge?

Different agents try to use different promises and vocabulary to make it appear like they are cheaper than the competition.

The RepArchive Shipping Calculator includes all fees for each agent and is easily the most comprehensive ways to take a look at them.

RepArchive Shipping Calculator Fees

(please look at the page and don't take the values from this screenshot, as they could've changed)

Just click the button to open the advanced settings and you see fees for all agents split up into service fees and payment fees. If you click an agents logo in the results below you can also see the exchange rate for that agent.

  • Service fees/handling fees are paid on your item purchase (few agents have them).
  • Payment fees are paid every time you do a transaction.
  • Agents make money through currency exchange.
  • IOSS fee
  • customs fee
  • insurance fee

This purposefully makes it very hard to compare agents.

However, you should look at the bigger picture and don't focus on the fees.

added: 6/26/2023

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