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What is the difference between mini-tools and the full-size tools?

Mini-tools are collected on [](RepArchive Tools).

While almost everything we publish can be considered a tool in one way or another, some are bigger and more impactful than others.

RepArchive TOP, RepArchive LIVE and the shipping calculator and the sellers directory can be considered full-sized applications. Their criteria include:

  • isolated software development
  • own identity (logo)
  • provide content
  • multi-purpose
  • wide target audience
  • you can spend hours with them
  • interesting by itself

The tools, or mini-tools, however, are simpler and serve one exact purpose each.

  • [](exchange rate)
  • [](My Agent browser extension)
  • [](universal link converter)
  • [](customs declaration calculator)

These provide great services, but I guess you won't be spending hours with them. You come to use them to do one specific thing for you and then you probably close the window. That's why they deserve the name "tools". Unlike the full-size applications, they don't have generated content waiting for you (you can argue about the exchange rate).

The browser extension is on the edge. The homepage does not provide content, so it's part of the tools section, but the level of development, purpose and usability are on par with the real applications.

The last thing to talk about are the other sites. This includes Taobot, GLFinder,, HWSource and by extend AliTackle. Why are these different sites? GLFinder is it's own thing due to the historical context. Taobot is very purpose driven as a chatbot and knowledge base, a purpose that has not changed since day 1. The other sites cover completely different topics, and repladies' future is unclear.

added: 7/16/2023 , modified: 8/25/2023

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