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What's the history of GLFinder? first went online in 2020. It was founded by a community member and had nothing to do with RepArchive until 2021.

In 2021, the owner of GLFinder approached us and said it's better in the hands of RepArchive, to which we agreed. Since October 2021, it's part of the RepArchive Network.

During these days, it was a very simple sentiment analysis model, if you even want to call it that, that only knew the terms "GL" and "RL".

In early 2022, RepArchive started with a complete rebuild of the service, v2. Although still simple (the words list was around 10 words), this was really popular. We will admit, people probably liked the streamlined reddit frontend more than the sentiment analysis.

For 2023, another complete makeover was in order. The codebase was unmaintainable, and especially the search function was really buggy.

This came at a bad time, when the pushshift service went offline.

The 2023 version, v3 has to rely on the official reddit API. The downside of this is, that you can't go back in the past infinitely, and page load times might be longer the further you go back.

But it's not only bad, quite the contrary. You can now filter by top, the frontend has been reworked to allow filters by flairs and subreddit. Link detection has been greatly improved. Most importantly, the 2023 language model contains over 2000 words with different weights. Any post can be sentiment analyzed on demand.

added: 7/16/2023 , modified: 7/16/2023

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