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Why should I use an agent?

Here are the reasons to use an agent instead of direct shipping:

  1. Scam Protection. Yes, you have to trust the agent, but as long as the agent is legit you basically can't be scammed
  2. QC Pics. Receiving pictures of your items while they're still in China and you still have the option to return can save you lots of headaches
  3. Shipping expertise. Agents know what shipping services work to which country. They have every reason to give you a pleasant experience.
  4. Customs expertise / IOSS. Similarly to 3. It's in the agents best interest to get you through customs smoothly and they have a few tricks up their sleeve. They are also IOSS registered.
  5. Payment Methods. Agents allow more payment methods than your typical seller and they even have customer protection.

added: 6/26/2023

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