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What are the available value added Services on Wegobuy?

Wegobuy's value added services:

Brand tag removal: removes the tags hanging from the clothes. This could reduce issues with customs, but usually it's not required

Package removal: removes the shoe box or other big boxes. This will reduce the weight and thus the cost, but obviously you're losing the box, if you care about that.

Simple Packaging: Lighter packaging, to reduce the cost, at the risk of getting your items damage during the shipping process.

Stretch Film: Plastic wrapping. Less popular than Moisture Barrier Bag, because it's not as good and the price is not fixed.

Moisture Barrier Bag: Plastic wrap around your parcel that protects it. Somehow it seems like no one wants to waste their time opening it. 

Parcel photo taken: get a picture of your parcel before it's sent out and one after.

Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum seal your clothes, to make them more compact.


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