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How do I get rehearsal packaging on Wegobuy?

Under normal circumstances it's advised to use the first of the two rehearsal packaging options on Wegobuy, "I have already submitted the parcel and I will leave the parcel number in the remark.

We made video guide, showing exactly where you have to go and what you have to fill out: YouTube link

Here's the whole process, summarized:

  1. Go to your warehouse and select "apply for rehearsal packaging", click the first link
  2. Keep the rehearsal packaging item open in a separate tab, you're gonna need it later.
  3. Step 2 is important, because you can't get to the link later. Here's the link if you lost it.
  4. Place the international shipping order, but don't pay
  5. Go back to the rehearsal packaging tab you kept open
  6. Select the first option for type, the shipping service and any value-added service you want.
  7. Add to your cart
  8. Go to my parcels and copy the parcel number (WP...)
  9. Finish submitting the rehearsal packaging item in your cart, paste the parcel number in the remarks field
  10. Wait for the results to come in and the price of the parcel to update
  11. Pay for the shipping order.


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