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What is the shipping expert service?

The Shipping Expert service by Superbuy is a mix between a consultant and value added services. It can be added here.

The consultant recommends a shipping line for you, that fits your expectations, you can choose between fast and cheap, split the parcel or not.

Their recommendation is then automatically added as a unpaid order on your parcels page, so you just have to click 1 button to follow their advice.

The main value added service is rehearsal packaging. The shipping expert is the only way to get your hands on rehearsal packaging on Superbuy.

You get the exact measurements and weight, resulting in an optimized shipping estimate.

You also have the option to ask for other favors, like gift notes, removed boxes, etc.

I think this service is 100% worth it. RepArchive tried it out in this YouTube video, it lowered the cost from $91-$67, while the service itself only cost ~$3.5.


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