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What type of rehearsal packaging should I get on Wegobuy?

Wegobuy offers 2 ways to get rehearsal packaging, both costing 20 yuan.

  1. "I have already submitted the parcel and I will leave the parcel number in the remark." Submit a parcel (don't pay), then get lowered prices. Then you can ship.
  2. "I do not need to submit any parcel and I will leave the product number in the remark." Say exactly what you want to order, then they do the rehearsal packaging and adjust the weight in the warehouse. You can then place your order.

The first one seems much better, it actually gives you a concrete offer you can accept or deny, while the second one updates the weights in the warehouse, still leaving you guessing how much it will cost in the end. It still locks you down on the shipping service and value-added service choices, so that's not an advantage either. It's hard to imagine that lack of information working in your favor.

The only reason to choose the second option is if you are slightly over a weight limit, for instance your items weigh 2.1kg and you want to use EUB. Then it's impossible to submit your parcel and you have to choose the second option. After the rehearsal packaging you're hopefully under the weight limit.


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