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How much do different kinds of items weigh?

Here are some standard weights to help you guess how much shipping will be in the end. Keep in mind that the material and design can make a difference, and that bigger sizes of course weigh more. You also have to be aware that some shipping carries charge for volumetric weight.

Sorted alphabetically, medium size

Bag: 500g Boots: 1400g Fleece Jacket: 700g Hat: 100g Hoodie: 400g Jacket: 1200g Jeans: 750g Pants: 500g Shorts: 300g Slides: 300g Sneakers (no box): 700g Shirt: 250g Socks: 80g T-Shirt: 250g Vest: 1000g Wallet: 150g Windbreaker: 1000g Winter jacket: 1500g

This information is based on online resources and my own parcel information, to give you a closer look at how agents measure it in practice.


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