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What can I do if Weidian is not sending me the verification code to login or register?

If you're not getting the verification code to login to weidian or when making an account, make sure of the following:

  1. If you're trying to login (does not work for registration): The first, best and easiest solution is to use your password to login. Our YouTube guide shows how at 1:48 (link)
  2. Have you waited long enough? Give it at least 5 minutes
  3. Make sure you've selected the right country with the right country calling code
  4. Since you've selected the right country calling code, the phone number should be without the country code! Normally it should start with a leading single 0
  5. Did you click the button to receive it (in blue on the right side)? Try again!
  6. Is your phone in airplane mode? Did you make sure to eliminate any reason your device might cause the problem?
  7. Contact your phone carrier and ask them if they can see if there are any text messages from China they have blocked, you're waiting for an important text.


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